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Doggylandia | Peluqueria para perros en Cistérniga

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En Doggylandia, cada perro recibe amor, cuidado especial y un servicio de peluquería excepcional.


Calle Fragua, 12, 47193 Cistérniga, Valladolid


640 73 16 81

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Horario Doggylandia | Peluquería Canina

MIÉRCOLES – DE 10:00 A 14:00 – DE 17:00 A 20:00
JUEVES – DE 10:00 A 14:00 – DE 17:00 A 20:00
VIERNES – DE 10:00 A 14:00 – DE 17:00 A 20:00
LUNES – DE 10:00 A 14:00 – DE 17:00 A 20:00
MARTES – DE 10:00 A 14:00 – DE 17:00 A 20:00

Sobre Doggylandia | Peluquería Canina

Welcome to your space dedicated to dogs and their care, Doggylandia. Here, we present a particular little corner located in Cistérniga, Valladolid, where your furry friend will receive the royal treatment they deserve, thanks to our services. Doggylandia is not just another pet shop; it’s a well-distinguished peluquería canina.

Located in Calle Fragua, 12, 47193 Cistérniga, Valladolid, Doggylandia offers an environment where dogs feel comfortable and at ease. Your furry friend is treated as if they’re one of ours. With a team of highly professional, passionate and dog-loving individuals, you can ensure that your dog will receive the best service possible.

Our care for dogs isn’t just professional; It’s personal. We understand the deep bond you share with your pet, which is why we are committed to providing not just a service, but an experience to increase the joy and happiness of your beloved dog. Collating a score of 4.5 out of 5 from the reviews of our satisfied customers, we continue to strive for excellence in our services.

At Doggylandia, your dog is prepared under professional care. Our highly trained staff carry out bathing, brushing and clipper work, as well as hairstyling for your dog, making them look fresh, happy and stylish. We believe in quality, and hence we use the best grooming products, suitable for different breeds and skin types.

Here, every dog is given time and care to make the grooming activity a pleasurable experience. In this space that loves and respects animals, we create a pleasant and fun atmosphere where our furry customers feel comfortable being themselves.

The Doggylandia family continues to grow, with customers returning for the quality of care and the love each pet receives while in our hands. By making grooming a positive experience, we contribute to the well-being and happiness of your furry friends. We attest our success to your unwavering support and trust in us.

For queries or to book an appointment, feel free to call us at the following number – 640 73 16 81. We invite you to be a part of the Doggylandia family and let your pet have a wonderful and ‘pawsome’ day!

Redefine the grooming experience for your dog with Doggylandia. Where dogs are loved, pampered, groomed and given the special care they deserve. Your furry friends are waiting for a day out at the Doggylandia, are you?

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